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Gerber milk test tube centrifuge RZ-10 RZ-40 RZ-50

Gerber milk test tube centrifuge RZ-10 RZ-40 RZ-50

The RZ-10/RZ-40/RZ-50 desktop milk fat centrifuge is a special equipment for the analysis method of milk and dairy products' hygiene standards. It is suitable for measuring the volume or percentage of fat after separating the fat from milk in the fields of milk and dairy products, medicine, chemical industry, and sanitary food.

The RZ-40 tabletop milk fat centrifuge is mainly used in the Babcock method for standard physical and chemical testing of the relative density and fat of milk and dairy products.

RZ-50 is used for the standard physical and chemical tests of the relative density and fat of milk and dairy products by the Gerber method and the Inichoff method.

RZ-10 desktop milk fat centrifuge, with heating and constant temperature function, is mainly suitable for physical and chemical inspection of dairy products enterprises, and is a conventional equipment for dairy products inspection

Technical parameters
ModelRZ-40//Heating constant temperatureRZ-50//Heating constant temperatureRZ-10/Heating constant temperature
Max Radium200mm225mm200mm
Rotor TypeSwing rotorSwing RotorAngle Rotor
TubeQuantity4*50ml 4pcs Babcock's Cream Bottle12Gerber Tubes8pcs Gerber Tubes
Max Speed3000r/min2000r/min15000r/min
Max RCF2012*g1008*g504*g

PowerAC 220V 50HZ 10AAC 220V 50HZ 10AAC220V 50HZ 5A


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