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Floortype high speed refrigerated centrifuge GL-10MC

Floortype high speed refrigerated centrifuge GL-10MC


Superior performance 

Microcomputer controlled, AC frequency variable motor drive, without power pollution,and longer lifetime. Lower noise and less vibration, equipped with multiple types of rotors for users to choose.Efficiency has been greatly improved.

Easy operation 

Equipped with Large LCD with touch function display,programmable application, which can be operated freely with variety of rotors for selection.

Good effect

With function of freely setting the acceleration time, deceleration time, and automatically calculating RCF, which can achieve good centrifugal effect.

Safe and reliable performance

With protection from over speed, over temperature, imbalance and protection of automatic electronic or mechanical lock, to ensure the safety of operators and machines.

Technical parameters
Max Speed/RCF10000r/min     18300xg
Speed Accuracy±20r/min
Temp Range-20℃~+40℃±1℃
Refrigeration systemHigh-performance Compressor CFC-free Refrigeration System
Timer Range0~23h 59min
MotorMicroprocessor control, Frequency conversion motor
Power SupplyAC220V 50-60Hz 30A
Net Weight260kg
Rotor No.Max CapacityMax SpeedMax RCF
No.1 AR6x300ml10000r/min18300xg
No.2 AR6x500ml4x750ml8000r/min11620xg
No.3 SR4x1000ml4000r/min4050xg

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