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Low temperature control PRP swing rotor centriufge TDL-5MX

Low temperature control PRP swing rotor centriufge TDL-5MX

TDL-5MX is Fat and PRP purified centrifuge equipped with the safety device , and it can use different PRP kits or tubes (such as YES. Yebiocell. PRO. Dr. GLO etc) , the safe transfer process ensure the high survive rate of PRP and fat ,and reduced the complex operation process, it is the idea machine for cosmetic surgery, beauty salon,clinics and so on.


1. Achieved the maximum amount of PRP extraction through clinical research and test and special design on the Acc and Dec and RCF.

2. Microprocessor control, Frequency conversion brushless AC motor.

3. LCD display, easy to operate.

4. Protection from imbalance, lid-lock, over-speed and display the error code on the screen.

5. It is equipped with free time brake and able to set time, speed, Acc/Dec according to the requirement.

6. Equipped with PRP kits can abstract the PRP with large capacity, more quickly and safer.

7. During the fat-transfer operation, equipped with sealed syringe cover, plug and adapters ensures it safety and non-pollution.

Technical parameters
ModelTDL-5MXSpeed Accuracy±20r/min
Max Speed4000r/minTimer Range0~99min
Max RCF3050xgTemperature Range-20~+40 ℃
No.1 Swing Rotor4×50mlMotorMicroprocessor Control,Frequency Conversion Motor
No.2 Swing Rotor16×10mlNoise≤60dB(A)
No.3 Syringe Rotor4×20/50mlPower SupplyAC110 &220v 50Hz-60Hz 5A
No.4 RotorCustomize madeDimension770×520×340mm(L×W×H)
Net Weight55kg


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