PRP Plasma Gel Maker, Bio Filler,

  PPP filling technology is made the plasma that extract from litigant’s blood into gel, and then inject into body. During the process, our model TDD-4MC is the important equipment to made blood plasma into autologous collagen, TDD-4MC adopt advanced cooling and heat system, it can control the temperature accurately, the autologous collagen made by TDD3-MC replaced the high cost filler. With good features of no toxic and no side effect, at the same time, can extract PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) inject into dermis, promote skin recovery, help to eliminate wrinkles, enhance the face, shrink pores , tender skin etc.



1. Fill all kinds of wrinkles

2. Sculpture body

3. Fill the scar

4. Solve the check depression

5. Modify the chin outline

6. Fill the nose

7. Improve the profile of body part


Advantages of fill by PPP autologous collagen

1. Ideal effect: the autologous collagen can promote the cells growths, keep the skin elasticity.

2. Long time maintaining: Inject once time maintains 4-7 months.

3. Safety: its extract from body, its very safe. And

4. Low cost: Extract from own body and save much cost.